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Saúl Mejía - Director 

Immigration Latino USA

Immigration Latino USA is a document preparation services agency for immigrant clients who need to start or continue with the immigration process in the United States.


Our team of professional advisors has extensive knowledge of the law and regulations related to immigration issues and supports a track record of experience that distinguishes us by our high quality personalized customer service.

We prepare the various forms that our clients require for their immigration matters at a cost that is within reach of any budget.

The immigration law of the United States of America and its regulations is a system of the Federal Government, which means that they can be applied regardless of the place of residence of the applicant inside or outside the United States.

We serve clients who live in the State of Florida and in any other state of the United States of America. We also extend our services for clients residing in Central and South America.

For your convenience, our staff is available to answer questions by appointment. We also serve via Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Our staff speaks English and Spanish.

We do not provide legal advice or legal representation, since we are not lawyers, nor do we have a lawyer in our work team. To obtain legal advice, contact a lawyer registered with the Bar of the State in which you reside. If you reside in Florida State, search on the following site: Florida Bar

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