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Saúl Mejía, Director

Saúl Mejía is originally from El Salvador, where he also studied Sociology and Social Sciences and obtained a degree from the University of El Salvador.


During the years 2010- 2012 he worked with the government of El Salvador in the creation and administration of social aid programs for the community to prevent social violence against women and young people.


This experience of working and helping the community, made his spiritual life stronger and in 2002, he decided to join as a seminarian to the Benedictine Order in the Basilica of the Black Christ of Esquipulas in Guatemala.


In 2008 he returned to El Salvador and in 2012 he joined the Carmelite Order and continued his studies in theology at the Central American University José Simón Cañas, known as "UCA".


During his time with the Benedictine Order and the Carmelite Order, Saúl Mejía was part of the team of different social assistance programs for communities where citizens experience lack of food, lack of medical assistance, lack of protection against domestic violence, as well as as in assistance programs for immigrants from South American countries and training for young victims of abuse.


In 2015, the Carmelite Order assigned him to work in the social assistance programs administered by the Mount Carmel Church in Joliet, Illinois.


In 2017, he conducted studies with the Florida Paralegal Institute and the Paralegal Institute of the Americas, related to the Immigration Law, which accredited him as an expert in preparing the forms approved by the USCIS for the different procedures required by the processes of immigration.


Saúl Mejía, in 2018, motivated by his constant desire to help the Hispanic community, founded Immigración Latino Usa with the firm objective of offering services that are within the budget of all the immigrants that knock on his door. Within its plans for the immediate future, is to make alliances with other organizations that are focused on providing services to help the community to improve the quality of life of Hispanic immigrants here in the United States.


Saúl Mejía - Director 

Immigration Latino USA

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